what do we do with the

stories we were never told?


"disassembling the hearts & minds of grown women & men"

Gabriel Moreno

poetry mondays / empire bar



alt country"


"one minute like SILK, the next

like a knife"

Rolf Gehlhaar

EARLY Electronic music pioneer

"I only hearD songs like this in the movies"

bishop manukian

armenian church BISHop

Noum ('/Nu:m) is the matrimony of sub-electronic, dusty rock and traditional music, once described by Gabriel Moreno as "disassembling the hearts & minds of grown women & men". Risen from the still glowing embers of Noemie and Vahakn's former band Gentle Mystics who toured Europe for almost a decade, Noum released their debut single 'Canary' at the closing of 2019, along with an "arresting & luscious" video premiered on sonofMarketing blog.

Forthcoming music talks of smoky, empty drinking holes and the wise woman's secrets.

core MEMBERS include

Noemie Ducimetiere vocals • guitar • electric oud

Vahakn Matossian • Synths • foley • percussion

Mike Frank • Drums • percussion • Bow

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