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noum is an experimental pop project expressing through grunge, electronica and devoutly studied traditional chant.


The band comprises of singer and guitarist noemie ducimetiere, electron-adventurer Vahakn Matossian & punk-rock drummer Mike Frank.

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Noum discovered 'neumes' through its involvement with the Idrisi Ensemble, lead by mentor and friend Thomas Fournil. Neumes were used in the medieval era throughout the East & West to notate music in a way that communicated the shape of a sung ornament without spelling out each note in a non-metric way. Mr. Fournil's meticulous research, interpretation and guidance in this field continues to inspire Noum's journey.

Microtonal music is important to us, and the oud forms a huge part of our sound. This instrument is one of the pillars of Noum's sound, and it came to us through a chain of people that we thank deeply.

In 2017 noemie scored 'another news story', a feature doc directed by orban wallace following the journey of people crossing europe from the war-torn middle east in 2015. Vahakn leant noemie a neglected oud which his mum had brought back from syria before the war. She restrung it and played it for 'Austrian Dabke' in the soundtrack.

A cue from Another News Story



'another news story' (2017) trailer

The following year Noemie exchanged words with The insatiable musical monster ewan bleach, who had spent some time studying maqams in Turkey with his clarinet, and he compelled her to purchase her own electric oud that very night. months later, british-palestinian oud player and composer kareem samara became her teacher & general provider of great musical guidance, influence and inspiration.


Ewan Bleach leading his swing band at the jamboree


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The Sound

"We build instruments out of wood, electronics, scrap metal... we tap into people's imagination with stories accompanied by live foley using our instrument the Tinylitzer... we seek to find what lies under the layers of earth, and to connect with each other, down there in the sediment" — Noum



we go to great lengths to get the sound we are looking for. here you can watch '9 volt love story', a short film about vahakn's fingers and their love for wires and electrons. you will witness the build of the synth rack he uses on stage for our shows, at ultra chipmunk speed.

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