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Noum is a spade with which you may dig out your roots. It is an old radio abandoned in the desert intercepting an alien sermon. It is a mountain call captured in a whiskey bottle. It is kindling for a very long night . . .

In a land where minimalist art pop, drone and folk live as one, Noum (pr. /Nu:m/) weaves roots folk and South West Asian modes with electronics and white noise with the haunting tones of Noemie's melismatic voice.

Consisting of international touring artist and medieval chant specialist Noémie Ducimetière (Idrîsî Ensemble, Gentle Mystics), Vahakn Matossian (SonnenGentle Mystics), Mike Panayiotis (Mike Frank, Arrows of Love), and vocalists such as mezzo soprano experimental operatist Alexandra Pouta.

A portmanteau of Noemie's full name and 'neume'; an ancient musical notation system. 

'Disassembling the hearts and minds of grown women and men"

— Gabriel Moreno

'A surreal blend of classic blues and ethereal vocals'

— Zoe Cormier (Sex, Drugs and Rock 'n' Roll)

"I only hear songs like this in the movies." 

— Bish. Manukian (London Armenian Bishop)

Merging bluegrass and roots styles, West Asian modes and instrumentation, and coloured by the vocal techniques developed by affiliated Idrîsî Ensemble, Noum transfers her findings into an electronic art pop, raw and grainy in its impact and somewhat archetypal at its core, bringing the underlying stories that weave these elements together to the surface through strong lyrics, hooky two part harmonies and unrepentant bass.

Noum came together in 2018 with the union of Vahakn and Noemie, and then Michael, who hired her to play the theme from Only Lovers Left Alive while he and his wife walked down the aisle and consecutively joined the project, at the time very conceptual. The following spring they went on a European tour playing in iconic venues such as Paradiso (Amsterdam), Merleyn (Nijmegen), PAARD (The Hague) and TRIX (Antwerp), and later that summer they performed on the main stage of Fire in the Mountain festival (Wales). By the closing of 2019 a debut single was recorded in Noemie's small Cable Street studio and released independently under the title Canary and premiered on sonofmarketing blog with an "arresting" video in December that year, and Noum was born.

Adapting to the changes in the world that 2020 brought, touring plans shifted to home recording. 

"Disassembling the hearts and minds of grown men and women"

— Gabriel Moreno (Hackney Empire)

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core MEMBERS include

Noemie Ducimetiere vocals • guitar • electric oud

Vahakn Matossian • Synths • foley • percussion

Mike Frank • Drums • percussion • Bow

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